Higher Wages

Indiana lags behind the rest of the country in our wages. Anyone working full-time should be able to support their families and themselves. It’s time we focus on raising wages in our state.

Opioid Crisis

The opioid crisis in Indiana is tragic and senseless. We need to take a holistic approach to the problem, not just focus on the criminal justice aspect. We must do better for those using these substances and their families.

Improve Healthcare Options

We must not use partisan politics to deny our citizens of affordable healthcare. Everyone deserves access to health insurance they can afford. We can help them get there, but first we must be willing to agree this is a priority.

Better Public Education

We have to end the war on public education. Taking money out of our public education hurts our children and our future. We must invest more in their success. It’s also time we treat teachers with more respect and pay them what they deserve.


Indiana’s Department of Child Services clearly needs to be looked into and fixed from the very foundation. It’s time we stop the politicking and do what is right for our children.

Working for You

I will continue to make sure our legislators in Indianapolis don’t leave us in Madison and Delaware County behind. Our community needs a strong advocate in the Statehouse and that is what I will always be.